"Martin Creed in Bucharest. Thinking / Not Thinking"


Martin Creed


11 februarie \ Incepe

2 mai \ Incheie

Martin Creed, Thinking/Not Thinking,

MARe/The Museum of Recent Art

12th February – 2nd May 2019


Jeff Wall was the first. Now it’s Martin Creed’s turn. MARe/The Museum of Recent Art continues the series of premieres, by bringing to Bucharest and Romania artists that, apart from benefiting from international recognition, are also renowned for their pioneering work, through their impact and influence.


On Monday, 11th February, at 19.00, Control Club, Berlin Hall, Street Contantin Mille, no. 4, Bucharest – live sound performance, Martin Creed. During his performance, the artist will present his art through text, music, movement, in a dubitative and playful manner.


On Tuesday, 12th February, at 19.00, MARe/The Museum of Recent Art, Blvd. Primaverii, no. 15, Bucharest – the opening of the exhibition Thinking/Not Thinking, in the presence of the artist, show that will present four video works made by Martin Creed between 2006 and 2016.


“Martin Creed (1968) is a unique figure on the international art scene. Nowadays, each artist works in a professional style, in a well defined niche, being dedicated mostly to a sole medium, to certain practices, procedures, messages, to a brand image of the idea of the art he or she embodies. Hyper-specialization in contemporary art often turned both the artists and the public into genuine experts of a ciphered visual field.


Martin Creed, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, against this general tide – he is the keeper of a bewildering counter-expertise, practicing, with both enthusiasm and energy, not only painting and video, but also performance, sculpture, music, drawing, text, installation, actions and conceptual art. And he doesn’t do them one at a time, but all in one and all the time, tirelessly. He works with the digital, but also with plastic bags from the supermarket, he paints on walls and on canvas, but he also records music albums and mounts electro-mechanic installations, or he dedicates heart and soul to actions and street performance.


The diversity of his art has nothing in common with the universalism of Leonardo da Vinci. Martin Creed’s polyvalence doesn’t stem from scientific research, but from a purely artistic pleasure (retrieved, reinvented, re-experienced) of using all the specialized means, but without allowing them to bind him into a given formula. Martin Creed is not the adept of some artistic technology or any political ideology. He makes art with all available resources and with the most disconcerting possible messages, endangering the species of common places of current art, from the constancy of the artistic means employed by an artist to the coherence of the messages he conveys.


Martin Creed is excessive and entropic, impossible to pin. His work is made from “works”, like the title of the pieces he makes, regardless of their medium, canvas, video, installation or performance, regardless of their dimensions, 5 centimeters, 5 minutes or 5 tones. This leveling shows the genuine conceptualist direction of Martin Creed’s art, which is after all and above all, freedom, that is the integral rendering of the artistic pleasure of being free in expressing any content, inside any imaginable stylistic formula.


Martin Creed injected pleasure in art, deflowering it of its pompous scholastics of contemporaneity. He made matter from concepts, work of art from gestures and art from life. It may not seem much. But when everything is done so plenarily and sincerely as he does, it makes you think. More. Or less. Or both. Intensely.” (Erwin Kessler, curator)


The works that will be presented in the exhibition:

Work No. 503 Sick film, 2006, 35 mm, color, sound, 1:6 minutes

Work No. 1090 Thinking/Not Thinking, 2011, 1:39 minutes

Work No. 1454: 1-100, 2012, 1:44 minutes

Work No. 2656 Understanding, 2016, 3:11 minutes.